Monthly Archives: October 2011

Recent jaunt to London

Among many reasons to visit the big smoke last month was…THE LAUNCH OF THE EXCLUSIVE HELLO KITTY RANGE AT LIBERTY! Oh yes, that deserved to be shouted. I splashed out big time and bought a half a metre of Hello Kitty fabric, it’s a beaut:

Just going to take it out and look at it every now and then.

The other thing that equally impressed me was the biggest Hello Kitty I’d ever seen in my life. That is indeed a fully-grown person stood to the right of it, how did it even fit in the lift??

Other things of interest in the capital that I went to see were ‘The Power of Making’ exhibition at The V&A and of course a visit to the taxidermy next door at The Natural History Museum.

At the V&A exhibition, they had a great selection of manufactured and carefully crafted hand made goods – including an impressive array of 3D printers with video footage of models being made using them.

A personal favourite was Shauna Richardsons ‘Crochetdermy bear’. A life size model of a brown bear entirely crocheted, totally fantastic!

 Just a hop skip away were some equally fantastic once-real animals. One of my favourites being the antelope creature to the right…I just can’t shake the feeling that he may have gone to the same dentist as me.

Catch up time

So, I feel like there is much to catch up on – several exhibitions and new pieces of work have happened recently so I guess this is a good place to start. Not so long ago a collaboration happened between myself and fellow artist/curator/facilitator Bren O’Callaghan for the  ‘Re-Covering’  exhibition at Untitled Gallery . The exhibition showed works by 40 local and international artists who redesigned the cover of an influential book onto a paper-back book sized piece of reclaimed oak from school libraries.

Bren approached me with an idea to re-cover Leonora Carrington’s ‘The Hearing Trumpet’ – his favourite of her novels. Having never read any of her books, I set to work reading – Johnny 5 style – and could soon see why Bren had wanted the piece to be constructed in fabric. There were so many references in the book to exquisite materials, rich fabrics, leathers and the like, as well as the powerful visual references to ‘The Winking Abbess’  painting. From her words and an exhibition we visited on religious iconography at Blackburn Museum, we started to sew together our ideas…Bren tells the story beautifully:

….I promise to give you your book back Bren.