Collaborative Projects

I’ve worked on several collaborative pieces in the past and always found it beneficial in so many ways. Having to explain, discuss and adapt ideas with different people, sometimes working in different media and in unfamiliar environments can help develop and further my own practice as well as  inform other peoples. I think it’s such an important part of my own creative life that I am currently part of two on-going collaborative groups; Manchester Cloth and Birds Animations.


Manchester Cloth is a group of four manchester-based textile and paper artists – Gemma Lacey, Helen Mather, Kiran Williams and myself. We started with a project where each of us brought the beginnings of an idea to the group and exchanging it among ourselves until we had four separate outcomes with four stages in each:

We held an exhibition to present all the work we’d produced from this project. Alongside this we documented all the individual skills and processes that we had used and now wished to learn from each other. Since the end of the project we’ve begun a programme of skill sharing workshops and will use these workshops to inform the next piece of group work we’ll produce together. All of this is documented on our blog; 


Birds Animations comprises of myself, animator Annie Gibson and musician/songwriter Katell Sevellec. In 2010 we worked together to produce a short animation. Working to a soundtrack written and performed by Katell that was inspired by the stitching of my embroidery machine, we built props and created characters together all animated and edited under the directorial eye of Annie.

This was the result of our first collaborative project together and from it a passion to work on other new ideas has continued – see our blog for further developments;

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