Exhibitions and Shows

Exhibitions and shows I’ve participated in since finishing my degree:

'Is That Me?' Embroidered Illustration on screen printed paper

'Asha' Limited Edition Screen Print

'To The Water!' Embroidered and screen printed Illustration on fabric collage

  • ‘Wonderland’ Exhibition at Unit 12, Staffordshire 2010

'How I Imagine New York' Screen print and embroidered Illustration stretched on canvas, photographed by Liz Lock.

'Parrot' Digital Print with screen print and Embroidery, photographed by Liz Lock.

  • ‘As if by Magic…’ group exhibition held in the Northern Quarter, Manchester 2008

Installation pieces in a changing room - digitally printed, screen printed and embroidered illustrations stretched on canvas and as textile hanging/curtain. Photographed by Tim McConville.

  • ‘Good to Print’ group exhibition, Salford Art Gallery and Museum 2007
  • Group exhibition with the participants on the Professional Diploma in New Technology for Designers at FAD, Barcelona 2004
  • Group exhibition at Piccadilly One, 2003
  • New Designers, Islington, London 2002 

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